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Office 2010 home and business licensing rules

Office Standard 2010, v7QKV-4xvvr-XYV4D-F7DFM-8R6BM, office Home and Business 2010, d6QFG-vbyp2-xqhm7-J97RH-wrck.
No OEM or Retail installations are legal on rules that platform, and apparently there is something in rules the installer to prevent installation.
Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, home and Student includes Word, Excel, One Note, and Power Point.
Licenses must be purchased from Microsoft in lots.
Office Starter Edition costs 5 / station to install.Finally, after business a long conversation with one of Microsoft's Attorneys, and after I told them point blank it will be a cold day licensing in Satan's realm before I allow them access to any of my financial details.They told me that due to the licensing simplification, all OEM and Retail serial numbers are now universally compatible.Warning* Heads up, incoming Dell and HP's preloaded with more Microsoft fluff that you get to pay for AND Microsoft is going to advertise to you too!V4YJ9-pxxgh-dvykc-3kgfj-PT68W 9FF3B-X8TPM-63MX9-VX62V-pytkg 7mxkc-26TBD-D6GJ6-gcgck-4C9TF, c42PG-xbxrq-VV6VC-qxqff-qpjgr home 6R7J3-K4CB9-PG7BR-tvdbg-ypgbd, vP66K-Q26DW-83FFG-R6RPW-Q9JK8 6F6RR-D4PBT-Y2KHC-K8M2G-JB72B, bfcyf-3YTX3-6khgw-QFX87-hkbx9, khpfx-9PQG4-hywm6-9ppxf-fxkf3 24PR2-JW928-qpktk-CPD26-RYV3C 4jpcp-DJF9V-WX7PT-B9WX2-R47C6 82DB6-BXG6H-qkbt6-3G42H-ppwm3, w7RY3-PHG73-7mpgx-8P9QY-wbdw4, hVQ34-TGX88-GXC46-M34GF-MD2CY.InfoPath 2010, k96W8-67RPQ-62T9Y-J8FQJ-BT37T, oneNote 2010, q4Y4M-rhwjm-PY37F-mtkwh-D3XHX, outlook 2010 7YDC2-CWM8M-rrtjc-8mdvc-X3DWQ.Microsoft has streamlined the delivery and licensing system of the Office 2010 package.Most of my clients tend to use home a single office license on two machines business over time, so it can save some money if office used properly.Home and Business includes all of the previous software, and adds Outlook.So for all you OEMs out there.This makes the new OEM medialess licenses available, dubbed Product Key Cards, will upgrade an Office 2010 trial installation.These carry the full Retail license that allows relocation of the activated software.

It costs 2 per veer station to install office if you agree to install the bing toolbar, and Microsoft Live Essentials.
It is legal for non-commercial applications only.
Office Starter edition is Word and Excel, stripped down, and AD sporting.
On nintendo the up side!Qwght-TRD7V-V6BT7-RR9J3-B3JHG, wKJ2H-M4G86-wddjc-mbcrc-4hqyy, dV7HF-HP2FX-MM433-jpcjc-YW68G, gRXJ8-mmcq6-B9P9B-3D7XC-C3X8W, hYK8B-6vtxg-9hrkv-pgjb9-3bcmy, g9KK3-RT2K3-48CXK-qjrkr-mkgk3, dbfxv-cyxfp-MPJ6T-6tmvp-M9TRQ.I spent 4 hours on the phone with Microsoft yesterday and I figured I'd give everyone a heads.So essentially there is no more Small Business edition, super and you get Power Point for free vs the old pricing.Hxjq4-VT6T8-7yprk-R2HQG-cyppy 4G66W-HC3BK-HP397-XM3QQ-X73DC, q7CR2-2vqmw-qktmg-B2X22-944HP, gjqtp-mdgjr-32HTW-6YPP6-Q3D33 2J8F9-MC8G4-87VXX-WM29C-WFD7C, c6VBM-2HY4G-CD2G8-yfcmj-R3YVT, rBGD6-W6H22-DCV7P-DPX66-6K46B 2rckd-J4JH4-7djkd-jvfcr-G798M, bHT9V-4BTX2-ffrk8-thvhp-8wdbp, xG79Q-pqbhj-F8DJP-WH8KD-QRP2G 34B4Q-BXK9M-VB4X2-JG39J-6gdtq.The easy way to install office for your clients and do what you've always done in super the small OEM bracket is to sell your customer the appropriate Product episode super Key Card, and use the trial as your installation media.Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business.So double check things.The volume edition Office packages have different names.

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Basic Edition, a long time staple in my desktop builds is no longer there.