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Magellan gps 315 user manual

magellan gps 315 user manual

Page 48: Connecting to user dgps menu Viewing the Alarm/MSG Menu defaults clear MSG While viewing FIG.
This will prevent damage to the receiver's water seal during shipping due to pressure differences.
12 Using the Plot Screen Page 5: Selecting Primary Usage, using DataSend.
You can choose from 1200, manual 4800, 96lt: 4800 baud Magellan GPS user 315/GPS 320 47 Magellan GPS 315 User Manual magellan - Page 56 null modem (Radio Shack P/N: 26-264A) and a gender changer (Radio Shack P/N: 26-280A) to connect the GPS receiver properly.The alarm is corrected.B Select data field enter Make changes enter 24 Magellan GPS 315/GPS 320 Magellan GPS 315 User Manual - Page 33 Circle) user BRG/DST field, you can input the bearing and distance into the data fields in order magellan to compute the projection.Page magellan 28: Creating/Clearing a goto Using the Time Screen The time screen displays the current time, estimated time enroute, time of arrival, and elapsed.GPS 315/320, user Manual, next, recommended, page 1: Conventions Used in this Manual.Magellan GPS 315/GPS 320 19 Magellan GPS 315 User Manual - Page 28 can choose from local magellan 24HR, local AM/PM and UTC.

Page 51: Shipping Your Receiver Selecting Map Datum WPT datum hacks MAP names You can change the datum the receiver uses to compute alert primary OFF.
Page 67 Specifications characteristics Performance Receiver: 12 parallel-channel technology, tracks up to 12 satellites to compute and update information with quadrifilar.
42 Magellan GPS 315/GPS 320 Magellan GPS 315 User Manual - Page 51 the receiver will ask for elevation.
Distance from position to destination.Page 57 Troubleshooting Receiver will not turn on:.Eg 1 alert Leg 2 ETA ETE Fixed Navaid HDG Latitude LAT/LON Leg (Route) D Le g 3 C Magellan GPS 315/GPS 320 63 Magellan GPS 315 User Manual - Page 72 manual will take you to arrive at your destination.Page 75 games lossary 61 Navigation screens 7; Compass goto clearing 28; creating 28, 11; disabling 41; Nav 1 10;.Page 36: games Selecting Contrast Working with Routes Creating/Clearing a combat gototo is a route that guides you from your current position.1 of four sets per ragnarok message.Related and Similar Manuals for Magellan GPS 315.

Getting Started This magellan gps 315 user manual section shows you how to use your receiver for the first time and explains: Accuracy.
Using DataSend.27 Working with Routes.28 Creating/Clearing a goto.28 Creating a goto on the Plotter Screen a Route.32 Reversing a Route.33 Using Plot View in a Route.33 Deleting a Route.33 Working with TrackRoute.34 Auxiliary Functions.35 Working with Sun/Moon and Fish.
The following chapters provide you with additional information on using your receiver that build on what you have learned.