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Bust a move 4 pc game

For bust newbies, Bust-A-Move is a game twist on the.
The addition of Dual-Shock vibrations adds a move level of tension that is surprisingly effective.
Tetris -style puzzle that involves matching up three or more like-colored bubbles to clear the game board.
Reggie posted a review, overall rating:.5, bust-A-Move 4 isn't looking game to break new ground, but does a good job of spicing up an old favorite.
This fourth edition lets you create and bust edit your own challenging setups, play through a Story mode, and tackle the standard Arcade and Two-Player modes.Along with Edit Mode are the standard Puzzle Modes,.Two move new gameplay features, the chain reaction and the pulley, definitely deepen the game's strategy, while the control and the overall gameplay remain sually, the backgrounds behind the game board move are less intrusive than in past versions, and the music's only slightly less annoying though.Reggie posted a review.If one side touches the floor, your game ends.

While no radical changes have been made to the time-proven formula, BAM fans will more than bust likely find early plenty to like about starry this latest installment.
Unfortunately, there aren't any strengths or weaknesses to any of the characters, so they're really there for registration cosmetic purposes only.
With 10 different characters plus numerous hidden ones, Bust-A-Move 4 gives you plenty of choices to play.
calculus If the bubbles manage to reach the bottom, it's game game over.Computer Mode, Two-player Mode registration and Challenge Mode.If not, then your fix is in, because Natsume is bringing over the latest addition to Taito's bubble-popping franchise: Bust-A-Move.There is also the Edit Mode which allows you to construct your own levels.Summary: It's an ideal diversion for the puzzle-game fan looking for a little or a lot more action than most other puzzle games provide.Rating: E, more Details and Credits score distribution: Positive: 0 out.All told, BAM4 is like Tetris: addictive but mind numbing.User Score tbd, no user score yet- Awaiting 3 more ratings.

PC, publisher: Interplay, release Date: Jan 31, 2000, metascore.
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