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Bridge crossing puzzle game

bridge crossing puzzle game

Seriously, this puzzle does have a solution.
The last one is so very slow.
Finally, A B cross to the other side of the bridge game (time: bridge 2 minutes; total time: 17 minutes).However, its too dark so the lantern must be carried when crossing crossing the bridge.And yet they all walk different speeds!Try to complete the game as crossing fast as crossing you crossing can.

A B cross first (total time: 2 minutes).
The first, a sprinter, he goes fast.
To guide them to the serial eating spot.
And this game is your problem, when someone carries the lantern cross the bridge, how can the rest templates of the people use the lantern?
Here's excel a funny poem written by Karen Lingel: four hungry MEN crosridge by Karen Lingel, Physicist and Penguinist.When the score drops to zero, you can still continue playing the game.And this rounds out, for all to see Another FAQ in charts poetry.There are 5 people and at the top of each person is a number, which is the time that each person spends to cross the bridge.Is apparently a piece of crap.I mapped out the possible solutions algebraically and came out the with the fastest time.Puzzles, logic puzzles, bridge Crossing, this page may need to be reviewed for quality.C - the person who needs 5 minutes to cross the bridge.Here, you can play many quality unblocked games, anywhere and anytime, and all are free.The lantern can last only 30 minutes and if you cannot complete your mission remove in game this time, you will lose and the game is over.To complete this game, you need a logic strategy.Now, to make professional it to the other side in 17 minutes, they do the following.When you start the game, your score is 60000 and it will slowly decrease.The third's a somewhat pokey man.

If you think this is a simple game, bridge crossing puzzle game you're wrong; Bridge Crossing is a game that brings you the hardest puzzles.
Now, enter the Crossing Unblocked Bridge, use the lantern and help everyone cross the bridge as fast as you can.
Then 5 items are 3 x second first, third and fifth.